Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Santa

I want a penguin - the penguin fishing game at Target and I really want a diving board.  I'm going to put it up on the ceiling and I'm gonna climb it and I'm gonna jump down into the living room where there's hundreds of presents. (Mom was worried about my getting hurt, but I explained that I will spread out a blanket to land on).   Most, I want a Martian doll - that's one that hops out of another.  It's like at Konor's house. A google search of Russian nesting dolls shows these are called matroyoshka nesting dolls.

That's not all though.  One more thing.  What did I want?  A remote control helicopter - it's in the Target catalog page 17. The Octopus hot wheels track .... a plane with an army in it ... a remote-control gorilla .... a Leapster Explorer ... a Harry Potter lego set ... a video watch.

And a Hot Wheel's rc min-vehicle, a Buzz Lightyear suit, a Toy Story 3 game with a shooter .... another Pokeman, and maybe some fluffy stuff like snow.

I think a battle site, a bey blade game, a big marble run that looks scary and also there's hundreds of more "L's"  I wrote an "L" on everything in the catalog that I want.  There's still more!

A Droid RC vehicle, a Clone Wars figure, a Vintage Vehicle, some even cooler space jammies.  

We'll leave you a very special gift behind. I've been a very good boy this year ya know.  I've been on the green apple lots of times. I might need to work on paying attention.  And that's all I need to work on.

Love Lucas

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