Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growth Chart

You know how each home has a wall at which to measure height?  Ours was between the kitchen and the hall and used blue painters tape.  Sadly, we are preparing this house to sell so I took down the tape yesterday but didn't want to lose the history.  Here are Lucas's tapes pieces

Lucas 4' 1 1/4"  07/01/09

Lucas 3' 11" 01/05/07

Lucas 3' 8 1/2" 11/21/07

Lucas 3' 7 1/4" 07/11/07

Lucas 3' 6" 02/12/07

Lucas 3' 2 3/4" 04/21/06

Friday, February 4, 2011

If I Were President

I will let poleole sit by eny boddy they like.  I will let poleople do wutever they like.


I will let people sit by anybody they like.  I will let people do whatever they like.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm even taller than the last measurement.  I'm growing very fast. 

Today when Mom measured me, I was 4 foot, 6 1/4. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Santa

I want a penguin - the penguin fishing game at Target and I really want a diving board.  I'm going to put it up on the ceiling and I'm gonna climb it and I'm gonna jump down into the living room where there's hundreds of presents. (Mom was worried about my getting hurt, but I explained that I will spread out a blanket to land on).   Most, I want a Martian doll - that's one that hops out of another.  It's like at Konor's house. A google search of Russian nesting dolls shows these are called matroyoshka nesting dolls.

That's not all though.  One more thing.  What did I want?  A remote control helicopter - it's in the Target catalog page 17. The Octopus hot wheels track .... a plane with an army in it ... a remote-control gorilla .... a Leapster Explorer ... a Harry Potter lego set ... a video watch.

And a Hot Wheel's rc min-vehicle, a Buzz Lightyear suit, a Toy Story 3 game with a shooter .... another Pokeman, and maybe some fluffy stuff like snow.

I think a battle site, a bey blade game, a big marble run that looks scary and also there's hundreds of more "L's"  I wrote an "L" on everything in the catalog that I want.  There's still more!

A Droid RC vehicle, a Clone Wars figure, a Vintage Vehicle, some even cooler space jammies.  

We'll leave you a very special gift behind. I've been a very good boy this year ya know.  I've been on the green apple lots of times. I might need to work on paying attention.  And that's all I need to work on.

Love Lucas

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lucas is scared

Lucas wants to share some of the things that he's scared of so you can help him.


One thing is monsters. And I think that's all I'm scared of really.

When Mom says monsters aren't real, I feel okay. BUT, I still think they are real.

I'm also scared of moving eye pictures. Like in nightmares, I can remember.

Once, Ildiko, me and you were in a haunted house and we went past a picture and in my dream I stayed there and I saw the eyes move!!!

Okay, I think that's all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time for A Change

I think it is time to re-work how this blog happens. As Lucas enters an age when he cares deeply about what others think, I just don't feel comfortable laying out his life here. He is a deeply sensitive soul learning how to navigate the world and I do not for one minute want to be a source of betrayal or ridicule to him. Clearly, what I think is adorable and sweet may not seem that way to him when I broadcast it around the world here. I just don't feel like his life story is exclusively mine to tell anymore. He is growing up.

This means I will be posting much less frequently and I will only post things that I have discussed with Lucas. Secondly, I would like to sit with him and co-write entries, but I can't make him do that if he's not interested so that remains to be seen. I will be suggesting it to him and we'll see where that goes.

I would love for this blog to morph into his blog rather than mine. He could post photos he takes (as you know he's a fantastic photographer), he could post his favourite jokes, his wish list for Christmas, stories he creates and more. But, what I'm aware of, is that the direction of this blog is up to him.

Time for Mommy to step back on his blog and in his life. Time for his choices.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Strong Strengths

I have always believed that if you choose to work hard on your weaknesses, at the end of all your hard work, you're left with a lot of strong weaknesses. So, I realized this morning that Lucas has not had much chance to build his strengths yet.

He was playing around with our cash register, which acts as a calculator and he wondered why the 2 had a - in front of it in this one case. That got us talking about negative numbers. That got me thinking about Khan Academy online and we headed to basic math lesson #1 and #2.

It was so great to watch Lucas get engrossed in the information. He already knew almost all of it - except for the new idea of 'carrying one' when adding double digit numbers. I could see that he was strengthened by the knowledge that he was good at this stuff. He wanted to keep going to #3 but we had run out of time.

Then and there I decided the we need to get busy and gain mastery over the areas of life in which Lucas already does extremely well. I think his life can be strong and so rich if he devotes the majority of his time to his gifts and talents.

Seems kind of obvious, but I don't think we allow too much space for this kind of focus. I can't wait to see him blossom and move about the mathematical world with ease. He seems to understand concepts quickly and with barely any instruction at all.

He talked through the 5 - 3 = -2 equation and then when I asked him what 3-6 might be, he immediately answered -3. Wow!