Monday, October 25, 2010

Strong Strengths

I have always believed that if you choose to work hard on your weaknesses, at the end of all your hard work, you're left with a lot of strong weaknesses. So, I realized this morning that Lucas has not had much chance to build his strengths yet.

He was playing around with our cash register, which acts as a calculator and he wondered why the 2 had a - in front of it in this one case. That got us talking about negative numbers. That got me thinking about Khan Academy online and we headed to basic math lesson #1 and #2.

It was so great to watch Lucas get engrossed in the information. He already knew almost all of it - except for the new idea of 'carrying one' when adding double digit numbers. I could see that he was strengthened by the knowledge that he was good at this stuff. He wanted to keep going to #3 but we had run out of time.

Then and there I decided the we need to get busy and gain mastery over the areas of life in which Lucas already does extremely well. I think his life can be strong and so rich if he devotes the majority of his time to his gifts and talents.

Seems kind of obvious, but I don't think we allow too much space for this kind of focus. I can't wait to see him blossom and move about the mathematical world with ease. He seems to understand concepts quickly and with barely any instruction at all.

He talked through the 5 - 3 = -2 equation and then when I asked him what 3-6 might be, he immediately answered -3. Wow!

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